The Blissful Chapter

Our CEO and founder started her blog Wendee Isaacs’ blog in 2012 but only as a hobby as she was a student then. 

In 2016, after the university and her national service, she rebranded her blog as theglossychic and began taking her blogging career serious.

By 2017, blogging had become her full time job and she decided to branch out and blog on other topics. 

But theglossychic was a fashion and beauty blog and she wanted it to remain a niche blog, so she started thewondercottage, a lifestyle blog.

In 2019, she started another blog thexofactor, about personal development and relationships.

The latest addition to the family is the graceful chapter, a Christian blog, which was started in 2020.

Now with 4 blogs, she decided to put them all together under one umbrella, so theblissfulchapter was born.

The Blissful Chapter

Home to theglossychic, thewondercottage, thexofactor and thegracefulchapter.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you find solutions to your problems and answer certain questions you might have whiles inspiring you.